(Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions)

Generally, MICE travel involves lots of preparation work. They need to provide a full range of travel and conference services for large or small groups, and prepare events of shorter and longer duration to meet different demands from MICE hosts.

The Meetings Industry, as it is called now, consists of a broad range of organizers, suppliers and facilities engaged in the development and delivery of meetings, conferences, exhibitions and other related events, which are held in order to achieve a range of professional, business or cultural objectives.

The activities of the Meetings Industry are an increasingly significant element in the future growth of the global economy, an essential part of the spread of knowledge and professional practices.

Tripkonnect’s years of experience in handling small & medium groups, has a proven record of accomplishment of having fulfilled various requirements for SMEs in the region.


Meetings, refers to any kind of occasion where multiple people come together with a particular interest in mind/uncommon, often for business.


Incentive tourism is a result of organizations rewarding their employees for meeting or exceeding on goals set. They are therefore rewarded with a stay at a hotel to incentive’s further work.


Conferences are similar to meetings as they also have a common interest, topic or reason for exchange. However, conferences are generally larger and often spread over multiple days.


Events refers to any planned public or social occasion. Examples of such are range from Weddings, Company Parties, Graduation, Celebrations etc.

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